Art of Patrón

Pop-Up Event

The Art of Patrón came to life in Los Angeles at L.A. River Studios. It celebrated Patron's commitment to all things craft - mixology & cocktails, music & culture, culinary arts, and, of course, ultra-premium tequila. Attendees were invited to honor the iconic Patrón bottle by painting their own, pulling inspiration from previous bottle contest winners on display.

Handcrafted cocktails featuring Roca Patrón flowed throughout the night with the help of the 60 hands bartenders. Brand ambassadors assisted guests in selecting a custom spice rim, using a mortar and pestle to complete the personalized blend as a take home.

For the first time, Patrón unveiled its Oculus Virtual Reality Experience. Attendees got to witness to the tequila-making process from the point of view of a bee (Patrón’s logo). The engagement even included the scent of freshly baked agave, which was piped into the VR space for a truly sensorial experience.

Patrón inspired dresses were also on display, created with various Patrón packaging elements such as ribbons, corks, boxes and tags. This presentation brought a fun element of surprise that amplified the event on social media with #ArtofPatron.

Hodde Bros provided hospitality staffing, including bar and serving staff, as well as brand ambassadors. In addition to running multiple bars, we managed the moving art exhibit, bottle making, spice rim bar and virtual reality activation experiences.

Photos: ATOD Magazine
Video: Vox Productions

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